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07. Spa

Specific disinfectant material and continuous cleaning of surfaces that are touched the most in the spa (counter, knobs, railings, hammocks, etc.).
Availability of hand sanitizers.
Use of lockers controlled by the reception. Cleaning and disinfection after use.
Cleaning and disinfection of the cabins after each use.
Maintaining water disinfection levels to the maximum allowed.
Sterilization of work utensils.
We take care of your health with our medical guarantee

Telephone medical consultation.

Sending a doctor to the hotel, if necessary.

Medical, pharmaceutical and hospitalization expenses (up to € 6,000).

Transfer to the hospital included.

Coverage of a companion’s travel expenses (round trip, in Europe geographical area).

Due to the evolution of COVID-19 and the possible modification of the preventive measures adopted until now by the competent authorities, this information could be modified and affect your reservation. Legal